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Need Clean Eating Meal Inspiration? Let A Whole Foods Market Gift Card Help Your Journey!

February is right around the corner and there's a great chance you're looking for inspiration at this phase of your clean eating journey. There's also a decent chance, if you are anything like me, that you just realized the month of January is almost behind us and you thought you'd be making a stronger effort this year. Have no fear, put your calendar aside, and set your clean eating intentions!

No matter where you find yourself looking for inspiration, to keep going or to start your journey, you've come to the right place. I've done a few whole foods cleanses over the years, think of it as focusing on foods that would rot if left out on a counter top for a week (minus the dairy, we know dairy would spoil). If it comes in a box or a plastic wrapper, it's off my shopping list. If it appears like it did when a farmer picked it off his land, then your focus is stellar! If you have to read the label and can't decipher the ingredients, take a break from that…

LYFE Kitchen Boulder, Where Healthy Meets Fast Casual on Pearl Street!

We walked into LYFE Kitchen on Pearl Street on a chilly evening and our eyes were instantly drawn to the fresh herb tower. Within moments we were cozied up on a bench in the entryway and each reading through a menu that suited us, one gluten free, two everything, and one vegetarian/vegan. My 11 year old who is currently gluten and dairy free, not to mention refraining from pork and beef, was so excited to see an entire menu suited to her tastes! Mom, look at this and doesn't that sound awesome?!

LYFE Kitchen offers casual counter ordering through out the entire day and also table service for dinner, if you so choose. I was happy to see the counter service, especially on a school night where I am less linger more, EAT! LYFE Kitchen provides a truly well rounded menu, with something for everyone. I personally loved their flavor profiles (chimichurri vinaigrette, chipotle aioli), their stance on serving the best ingredients, and all of their meals are 600 calories or less. I had to o…

Facebook, Ties that Unbind Us

Facebook provides a false sense of connection, in my humble opinion. Facebook has allowed us to accept that we are indeed staying in touch with others, when really is a thumbs up an affirmation of your connection to that human being? The majority of Facebook users have come to believe they are keeping a pulse on what's happening with those in their social circle, whether it be family, friends, acquaintances, work mates, or your favorite person from Zumba class. I mean come on, you saw photos of me on vacation, at my child's school event, girls pedicures, date night, view from the top of a mountain, hitting the ski slopes, outside my favorite restaurant in NYC, or the Pinterest inspired craft I completed with my girls. Our connection must run deep, having all that select insight into my life. The majority have come to believe this is how we communicate now, but it's not. Not for me anyway.

Facebook is not connection, it's anti-connection.

Over the past few years we'…

The Gift of Time and Labor

Winter break has turned into this gift of time for us, I'm off of work, and so is Josh. It's 17 days long, two full weeks off of school, and a bonus Monday off for a teacher work day. While yes, the holiday hoopla is in full swing for a large part of the break, we've really honed in on how to enjoy the downtime. Joy has come from ice skating with my family and our good friends on a lake in the mountains, joy has come from sledding the local hill, skiing a few days, preparing meals together, learning how to play our new board game, and lots of hanging out. Joy also came in deciding not to travel.

Which leads me to some unconventional joy (slash awakening) I experienced. My 8 year old desperately needed her room cleaned and organized, one of the those full top to bottom cleanings, complete with next size clothing pulled out from bins in the storage closet. The kind of cleaning you often whisper under your breath, if I only had the time. Well, for once I did have the time. Oh…

2015 * CREATE

cre·ate |krēˈāt| verb bring (something) into existence.cause (something) to happen as a result of one's actions.
Create. In 2015 I'm setting my intentions on creating. Once again I've chosen a simple word that is full of endless possibilities (2014*Nurture). Eleven and eight years ago respectively, I made the most beautiful creations of my lifetime, and I happily spend my time arms wholly wrapped around them, tending and nurturing their needs. As my girls grow and develop the need for their own space, I experience small glimpses of time that I can use to tap back into my creative side, a side that often drives my daily life, without the attention it deserves. My creative side is often soft and whispering to me, but  I want to give it a voice. 

In 2015, I will make time and space to create.  In the most practical sense, that ultimately means creating balance and time to do things that fulfill Me. Yes, Me. I want to embrace the bubbling over of my desire to create with my hands,…