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Happy Roses, Happy Whole Foods Market $25 Gift Card Giveaway!

Why buy any roses, when you can buy Whole Trade® Roses ?  I'm always drawn to the variety of colors roses come in, when red always seems to be the Valentine's Day default, but here's a great way to get a hidden message across: ·          Red - true love, passion and respect ·          Dark Red - beauty, perfection and adoration ·          Pink - romance and admiration ·          Deep Pink - appreciation, gratitude and sincerity ·          Light Pink - sweetness and gentleness ·          Orange - desire, passion and excitement ·          White - spiritual love, purity and new beginnings ·          Yellow - warmth, joy and friendship ·          Lavender - love at first sight Want to learn more?   Whole Trade® Info   ------------------------- I have a $25 Whole Foods Market Gift Card to giveaway! To Enter: 1. A comment equals one entry, comment as much as you wish, I will transfer over  Facebook  comments. Please leave a valid emai

In Colorado, We Have The Sky

Countless hours could be lost at the ocean's edge. Endless empty views of pure light and color melding, a dramatic ocean meets sky off in the distance. A blank meditative canvas. Waves crashing ashore, rhythmic sound lulling the mind into a day dream. Faint droplets of sea spray appearing on sunglass lenses. Feet resting in warm sand, radiating into one's being. If only I lived near the ocean… In Colorado, we have the sky. Clouds drop so close, for a brief moment the mind wants to reach up and experience fingertips gently caressing the pure white fluff. And the blue, a sapphire pales in comparison to Colorado sky blue.  Joy can be found by simply observing the intensity of the sun's rays moments before it dips beyond the Rockies. Even hours after it sets, the sun fights to stay in our consciousness with darting rays into the sky, pink and orange displays highlighting the clouds. Take a chance on allowing your days to be bookended by witnessing sunrise and sunset, the li