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Beauty Week at Whole Foods Market March 18-24

March 18-24 is beauty week at Whole Foods Market! This year to celebrate they have introduced a beauty bag full of delightful products worth $60 for only $18 in store. Fair warning quantities are limited and each store is holding a bag release party on March 21 at 10am. Whole Foods Market has set high standards for the body care industry based on the philosophy  what you put on it, you put in it .  We purchase many of our body care products at Whole Foods. I do love the release of the beauty bag and having the opportunity to try out products on my rather sensitive and fickle skin. Even the bag is high quality, it is made in India by an organization that provides jobs to survivors of human trafficking. The women receive health care, literacy training, day care, and a fair wage. On that note, I've actually decided to deactivate my monthly more traditional beauty bag subscription, and instead pick up Whole Food's quarterly bag. My bag contained a facial mask, repair shampo

Maybe Tomorrow Night Will Come Without Tears

Wednesday March 18th was going to be such a happy day, the day J was to return from a trip to Nepal. As it turns out, today was conversely a sad day, a day when I finally crawled into bed just moments after the girls were tucked in and I cried. Apparently I needed a good cry. A good cry for holding it all together, through the my trip has been extended news, through driving off in my car after witnessing a group of girls not being kind to my sweet girl, through hugs and big smiles the way a mother needs to stay composed even though I'm deflated on the inside. Through damn me for grocery shopping yesterday because I don't have the energy to cook dinner, but guilt so strong, I sucked it up and cooked dinner. Through, I can't quite recall the last time I slept through the night, maybe February before J left on his trip. The girls and I have grown closer these past few weeks. Our vulnerable collective leaves me feeling so completely raw and depleted, but tomorrow is another day