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What Happens After The KonMari Decluttering (with Photos)

Little whispers started dropping in my world, Kon Mari, Marie Kondo, at first I wasn't really connecting the dots, but then I started listening.  I didn't engage in any direct conversation, I just simply put Marie Kondo's The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up in my library queue, to find out firsthand what all the buzz was about. As to be expected, the wait was lengthy for the book. Close to three months passed when I received the email that my hold was ready and I instantly realized the timing couldn't have been more perfect.

The book arrived the Friday before Spring Break. 
The decluttering started immediately. Well immediately after I binge read the book, went directly to the closest store to buy a box of 50 extra large black trash bags, and pick up some empty boxes to start filling. While I could go through the details of my process, I simply want to say, I decluttered the major hotspots in my home all in one week. There are other areas I am slowly working through …

Take Home a Bra Giveaway at Title Nine's 2015 Fit Fest

When an invitation to a Title Nine's media only FitFest arrived in my inbox, I knew the timing was perfect. My exercise routine does not involve many high impact activities, but I've always been that person that settles for whatever is in my wardrobe to suffice when it comes to sports bras. I've definitely never been fit by a professional or as Title Nine calls their experts, Bravangelists.

At the event I met a really supportive group of women making the FitFest a breeze. There happened to be plenty of laughs, some bouncing on a huge rubber ball and hula hooping to see if my new bra withstood the bounce test. I learned a lot about how my sports bra should fit, what real support actually feels like, and that a supportive bra does not mean uncomfortable!

I decided on the 3 Reasons Support Bra, which is rated 4 barbells:

These bras work best for our fuller C and D cup testers who want great support for high impact activities. DD cup testers will do well in these for medium imp…