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Harpoon Caught Swordfish Tacos

After returning home from two weeks in California, we inevitably had a craving for fish tacos. Truth be told, I only purchase fish from Whole Foods Market because of their Sustainable Seafood Practices and their commitment to the Marine Stewardship Council guidelines. As I approached the seafood department, some beautiful Swordfish Steaks caught my eye, so I picked up a pound for dinner. Swordfish is a delightful and firm, mild flavored white fish, which appeals to my daughters. While our normal go-to taco meat is ground turkey or chicken, I was thrilled to recreate a Southern California favorite with the swordfish.  There's really not much preparation for the swordfish, simply marinate before grilling (see full recipe below). To compliment the quick and easy fish preparation, I also picked up the ready to go coleslaw in the produce department. The cabbage and carrots are pre-shredded on site and it comes with two containers of dressing. We are in love with a Colorado made v

Summertime Joy Achieved At Snow Mountain Ranch, YMCA of The Rockies

Summertime for our family means an opportunity to spend quality time together, exploring museums, walking to get ice cream after dinner, bike rides to catch a brilliant sunset, and it always must include time in the mountains. It also means, extra time to really organize our bedrooms and closets, weeding in the yard, putting the sprinkler under the trampoline to jump with joy after a day of tasks has been completed! I've come to appreciate a nice balance of busy time with activities and down days for us are just as important as adventure days. When we were invited to spend a couple of nights this summer to Snow Mountain Ranch, YMCA of The Rockies , I immediately responded yes. YMCA's Snow Mountain Ranch in Granby is a place where we inevitably create long lasting family memories. Snow Mountain Ranch is a gem, it's brimming with natural beauty. All too often we hear phrases thrown around casually like, something for everyone, but at SMR it's simply the truth. Just of