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Butternut Squash Soup, Inspired By What's On Hand

One of my favorite things about the weekend is having the time to allow food to drive our relaxing days. I love it when something delicious is simmering up for hours on the stove. Friday night we had a to-go cooked chicken from Whole Foods Market. The next day we turned the chicken leftovers into stock. Homemade stock is so wonderful and aromatic. We used the stock as a perfect accompaniment for the butternut squash we had picked up earlier in the week at the market. A lovely butternut squash soup was born again! We are improvisational cooks and Josh is fabulous at whipping up soup. A special love enters whatever is being cooked when homemade stock is introduced, it takes the meal to the next level. With homemade stock, we don't feel the need to add cream to the soup to create the richness, the stock just naturally does that in a light and refreshing way. We definitely didn't miss the extra fat and calories this time around. As with every batch of soup that doesn't follow